MN-02 | Running for re-election

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  • Congressman Jason Lewis has voted in line with Trump 91 percent of the time.
  • He voted to defund Planned Parenthood, against the Title X Family Planning Program, against a minimum wage hike, to repeal health care, for tax cuts for the 1%, and for an unconstitutional abortion ban.
  • On his radio program, Lewis complained about no longer being able to call women “sluts” and referred to women voters as not human, “without a brain,” “ignorant,” and “not thinking.”

Want to personally “congratulate” Representative Lewis for this dubious honor? Download his official “award certificate” here and deliver to his local office. Make sure you take a photo–or even a video–and post it on social media. Tag Rep. Lewis and use the hashtag #WorstForWomen to spread the word.